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Why Euro Auto

We at Euro-Automotive understand that you have made a considerably large investment in a European automobile. A customer who understands vehicle maintenance makes a better customer. Some people even have the misconception that the dealer’s mechanics are the best around. Dealers figure since you spent a fortune on your car, you are willing to pay a fortune on maintenance. Give us an opportunity to show you how great we are while saving you money.

Over the years, we have come to realize that owners of European automobiles find it hard to get their hands on branded car parts and certified maintenance services. Therefore, we aim to provide our customers with top-notch maintenance and repair services for European automobiles. We take pride in calling ourselves the best when it comes to Volvo repair Dallas, Audi repair Dallas, Jaguar repair Dallas and other repairing services for other European automobiles.

Unfortunately, most European car owners believe only dealers can provide high-end maintenance services but this is not the case. Most dealers have huge overheads and charge much more per hour than independent shops which can do the same work or better for much less.

We, at Euro Automotive, are certified experts who believe in providing you with quality services at the most affordable rates. Not just that, we are actually people who love European automobiles and that’s precisely why we make the effort. We want you to love your car and drive it for a lifetime.

Compare the Difference!

Euro Automotive
  • 1Family-Owned Business for 13 Years
  • 2Used Sales Enhances Our Service Department
  • 3Warranty Books only stipulate that genuine replacements parts are new and service is conducted at regularly
  • 4Genuine auto parts from a California warehouse, eliminating the middle man
  • 5$100.00 per hour for repair only -diagnosis is free
Euro Automotive
  • Large Commercial Company Where Overhead is High
  • Service and Parts Departments Supplement Slumping Auto Sales
  • Suggest that regular service and repairs must be done with them to keep the warranty valid.
  • Genuine auto parts for which you pay a premium price
  • $120.00 per hour for diagnosis and repair

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