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Volvo Service Plans

We specialize in performing all factory recomended maintenance
and service on all Volvo models.

Flexible A Service

Engine compartment
  • Check all electrical components and motors.
  • Check all the lights (exterior/interior).
  • Lubricate all the hinges.
  • Check the parking brake.
  • Check all the brake hoses and connections.
  • Check all the brake lines.
  • Check front and rear pads.
  • Check all 4 rotors.
  • Check calipers for leaking.
  • Check tire wear and pressure.
  • Check power steering pump.
  • Check power steering reservoir.
  • Check all power steering hoses.
  • Check wheel bearing.
  • Check front shocks and springs.
  • Check steering rack and gear.
  • Check rear suspension.
  • Check exhaust system.
  • Check and adjust throttle control.
  • Check and adjust kick down cable.
  • Check coolant/antifreeze.
  • Pressure test cooling system for any leaks.
  • Test battery.
Vehicle Passenger Compartment
  • Replace engine oil and oil filter.
  • Check windshield washer reservoir and fill if necessary.
  • Lubricate power antenna.
  • Check brake fluid level and fill if necessary.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Check power steering fluid level.
  • Check rear axle for any oil leakage.
  • Check manual transmission for any oil leakage.
  • Check automatic transmission oil level.

Euro Automotive has special service plans to make sure your Volvo receives the best and most complete care available. Volvo owners are a discerning breed of drivers. They are particular about their Volvos and are so devoted to them they often name their cars.

With Volvo repair Dallas you can rest assured you will get the premier repair and maintenance in the region for your iconic Volvo. Our full-care facility features six service bays and highly trained technicians who are experienced in all phases of Volvo work.

Our Volvo repair Irving specialists offer the same high quality same-day servicing and repairs, no matter whether they are major or minor. We have been handling Volvos and other luxury European cars for 18 years and our master mechanics at Volvo Repair University Park know exactly what to do to pamper your car.

We install genuine parts that come with a year-long guarantee, along with a 90-day labor warranty, and we also offer extended warranty repair. The offers and services are the same at our Volvo repair Highland Park and Volvo repair Farmers Branch./p>

It may be your first Volvo that you never want to replace or your third or a new model, but no matter the style or year, you can be confident our technicians know their craft. They will perform meticulous repairs and keep your Volvo running smoothly with our factory scheduled maintenance service.

We provide fast and efficient service with a range of plans specifically tailored for the Volvo, including the 10,000 mile service that covers 23 checkpoints.

The respected Swedish brand is popular the world over and has so many devotees there are Volvo clubs across the United States and many countries, including New Zealand where they have four. There is a Volvo Museum in Sweden where years of models are on display.

The beginning of the automobile was in 1927 when the first Volvo, which means "I roll" in Latin, rolled off the assembly line. Built for Sweden's challenging roads and winters, the car came in demand in many other areas. The company known for constructing safe and sturdy vehicles also manufacturers trucks, buses, heavy construction and marine equipment.

Along with its distinctive Scandinavian styling and hallmark comfortable seats that make drivers declare they could drive their Volvos forever, we also help your fine automobile live up to its sterling reputation for safety with our complete array of specialized services.

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