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Service Plans for Newer (1998+) Mercedes Models

We specialize in performing your Flex A and Flex B Services as well as your Flex Advanced Services on newer
models, We have factory-trained Mercedes-Benz technicians. Others May Say It, But We Can Prove It!

Flexible A Service

Engine compartment
  • Visual Check
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Check and correct fluid levels
  • Top off fluid level of window washer system
  • Check engine hood and safety catch for proper operation
  • Check Battery acid level & replenish
Vehicle Passenger Compartment
  • Function check
  • Horn, headlamp flasher, hazard flashers, turn signals
  • Warning/indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting
    Replace bulbs as necessary. Bulbs are additional cost.
  • Reset FSS counter in instrument cluster
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Check thickness of brake pads
  • Check condition of brake discs
  • Correct tire inflation pressure
  • Inspect tires for damage and condition

Flexible B Service

Engine Compartment
  • Leakage & Chafe Marks
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Brake System
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Power Steering
  • Dust and Air Filters
Wheels and Brakes
  • Inspect wheels, rotate if necessary
  • Check thickness of brake pads
  • Check condition of brake discs
  • Check brake pads for lining thickness front/rear
  • Check condition of brake discs front and rear
  • Check parking brake (function test only)
  • Correct tire inflation pressure
  • Inspect tires for damage and condition
  • Measure tread depth
  • Check play in front and rear wheel bearings
Vehicle Passenger Compartment
  • Exterior Lighting and Bulbs
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Headlamp Cleaning System
  • Seat Belts
Underside of Vehicle
  • Check condition of front axle ball joints
  • Check condition of steering mechanical components
  • Inspect play of tie rod and drag link joints
  • Inspect rubber boots for damage or wear
  • Inspect exhaust system and hangers for damage or leaks
  • Check for damaged/worn drive train parts
  • Check for excessive axle joint play
  • Correct tire inflation pressure in spare tire

You can depend on Euro Automotive for dependable care to keep your powerful and elegant Mercedes-Benz running at top speed and in style. Our family-owned Mercedes repair Dallas business specializes only in the service, repair and maintenance of the classiest European automobiles and the Mercedes is among them.

Our professional services cover every aspect of upkeep and repair of your Mercedes for it to remain at its sophisticated German-engineered performance level. Our premier Mercedes repair Irving offers the same specialized care, from tire balancing to entire engine replacement.

Our complete and comprehensive repairs are based on factory specifications and we ensure you will get the highest professional maintenance and servicing on your prized Mercedes, which deserves and requires specialty attention. Mercedes Repair University Park also offers the same reliable services for your upscale European transportation.

Mercedes has a well-known reputation as the vehicle of choice for business people and busy professionals and our expert mechanics make sure your Mercedes remains one of the most reliable forms of transportation on the road today. Our team can provides every service, repair and maintenance your quality Mercedes requires to keep running at its best and at well below dealership prices.

Mercedes repair Highland Park also adheres to providing high-tech care for your opulent Mercedes. The Mercedes is not just the quintessential luxury vehicle, but it is also built for power and speed. With regular maintenance from our trained technicians, everything from your sporty four-cylinder to your strong V8 engine will remain more responsive.

With Mercedes' turbo roadster capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in six and a half seconds, reliable tune-ups and maintenance are a must. Mercedes repair Farmers Branch offers the same care for your luxury model, no matter what body style or engine.

We are a one-stop full repair and service facility that takes pride in offering a full range of services for your Mercedes, which is unrivaled in performance, by keeping it up to standards. You also can have peace of mind with our 90-day labor guarantee and year warranty on parts, which we order directly from the supplier.

When it comes to your expensive and highly-engineered German vehicle, you can be confident with leaving it in the hands of our experts, whether for just a simple oil change and factory scheduled maintenance or complete motor overhaul or complex electronic system repairs. And when we're done, we even wash it for you, for free.

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